Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beckett's Play School

 Since Becks starts preschool next fall, we thought it would be a good idea to get a jump start and help him get used to the routine of a school day along with fine tuning some of his social skills.  We enrolled him in Gorgeous Millie.  It's a teacher-led play group.  It's from 9-12 twice a week and they have play time, circle time, snack, art, music, and Spanish.  It's all led by a teacher, but the parent or caregiver must stay there with them.  The teacher plans all the activities and handles discipline, but I'm there just to help him get comfortable to a school setting.  He loves it and so do I!! Here are few pics from his first day.


Santa 2014

 The pictures with Santa and a screaming child are long gone. Both kids were so excited to see him and not one tear was shed.  

We actually got to see Santa twice this year.   A couple weeks after our picture with him at the mall, our neighborhood hosted "Cookies with Santa".  The kids loved it!!!

Jingle Breakfast

Thanksgiving 2014

Fresh Beat Band Date Night!

 Presley loves the show Fresh Beat Band.  When I saw they were coming to town, Blaine and I thought it would be there perfect opportunity for do a Mommy-Daughter date night. 
I told her we were going on a date and she was so excited!!!
I decided to keep the concert a surprise until after dinner.

Dinner at 3 Forks. 

After dinner I told her the surprise and we walked across the street to the ACL theater.  She was beyond excited!

One last surprise. We bought the VIP tickets so after the show, Pres would get to meet the Fresh Beat Band! She's only seen them on TV and she kept asking me "How are we going to fit into the TV to meet them?"

She was mesmorized when they came out on stage and started singing all her favorite songs!

 They were so sweet and each one gave Presley a huge hug.  She was in heaven!

Presley's first trip to ACL sure was a good one!!!