Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Presley Turns 5!

Here's the very first picture of my sweet 5 year old!

 We started the day with our traditional birthday breakfast: birthday cake pancakes!

While we served up breakfast, Pres got to open her first present.

After a yummy plate of birthday pancakes, it was time for more presents!




 One of Presley and Beckett's favorite shows is "Peppa Pig".  Peppa and her brother, George, love to jump up and down in muddy puddles.  Pres has been begging up for months to get her a pair of rain boots so she can jump up and down in muddy puddles too just like Peppa.  She was beyond excited when she opened her rain boots!!!



 Of course, it wouldn't be fun to jump up and down in muddy puddles without your little brother...so Becks got a pair too!

 Pres got to do anything she wanted on her birthday.  Her first request, a trip to the Candy Jar to buy an umbrella she could color.  Next, playing in the water fountains at the Galleria, followed by a picnic lunch.  
After Daddy got home from work, it was time to celebrate with him with a glass of kid friendly bubbly!






  Next up, our traditional birthday dinner: French Toast!
In case you haven't figured it out by now, Presley really loves breakfast food!

And after dinner, the birthday girl requested to play outside in the  sprinklers.  She chose to keep her clothes on and get soaking wet.  I'll save you from the pictures of a streaking Beckett who thought his birthday suit would be a bit more appropriate for the occasion.
We ended the night with our final birthday tradition: reading "Happy Birthday To You" (AKA the Birthday Bird) and "The Day You Were Born". 

I can't believe my sweet baby is 5 years old! What a wonderful 5 years this has been.  
I love you, sweet Presley.
Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Candy Shop Birthday!

Presley had a candy themed birthday party this year for her 5th birthday. There is a precious little candy shop in the Hill Country Galleria.  As soon as I walked into it for the first time, I knew this was where her party would be.  It was so sweet and just perfect for our little five year old princess!
We chose the tea party options and invited all her best friends to come celebrate. 
Enjoy the pics below!