Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easter Bunny 2014

We went for our annual visit with the Easter Bunny the other day.  Not sure Beckett is a fan just yet, but Pres is a pro.  She never broke eye contact with the camera (even with Beckett screaming right next to her) and smiled the whole time.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We had a great Valentine's Day at the Noel house this year!

 We started our love filled morning off with our usual Valentine breakfast: heart shape french toast!

Valentine's day fell on a Friday this year, which meant Pres had swim class in the morning.  After going to swim, eating lunch, taking a bath, and going down for a much needed nap...our Fridays usually goes by really fast.  We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids by having a picnic dinner at the park.  Click here to see the last time we did this!

The kids were so excited to eat dinner at the park and we really lucked out with some beautiful weather.

How handsome is this little boy???

And how handsome is his Daddy???

Pres has been dying to fly her kite, so after our picnic dinner we decided to do it!

Beckett quickly got bored and decided to look for rocks to play with.


So it was just Presley and Daddy flying the kite.



Presley and Blaine had a lot of fun flying the kite until...


Presley decided that Beckett had a good idea and looking for rocks would be more fun.


So Blaine was stuck holding the kite all alone.

Just a boy and his kite

A very sad and lonely boy holding his pink kite.

Since the whole kite thing didn't last too long, we decided it was time to head back home for a little Valentine dessert on the porch.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Noels!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Camp Beckett

This year for Beckett's birthday party we decided on a camping theme.  Beckett and Presley both love s'mores, so we thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate our big boy turning two!  We lucked out and had one of the most beautiful days of the year.

Blaine did an awesome job grilling up all our hamburgers and hotdogs!

Darrel, Peter, Becki, and Christine.
These amazing friends were all at the hospital the day Beckett was born.  We're so lucky they were able to come celebrate Beckett's birthday with us again this year!

 Beckett decided after dinner he needed to take a little walk around the garden with Yaya and Baba. 



 Time for cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday" to our big two year old boy!



 Beckett's best friend, Zac, liked the cupcakes too!

 Another cupcakes???
Why not? You only turn two once.

 Now for the main attraction...the s'mores!!!



 Becks loves a little Coco time.


  Just because you're the birthday boy (and only two years old) doesn't mean you don't have to pull your weight around the Noel house!

 Totally kidding...Beckett loves to mop (Swiffer) so anytime we get it out, he has to use them first.
 He sure is going to make a good husband to one very lucky girl some day! 
And by someday, of course I mean only after medical school, law school, finding a cure for cancer, winning the Nobel Prize, and being the president of the United States first!

Happy Birthday, little camper!!!