Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Day of Preschool!

I can't believe it, but Beckett started preschool this year!
I'm not sure how the time went by so fast (I still think of him as a baby), but he's a big boy who goes to school three days a week now!

The night before the first day, we read "The Night Before Preschool" to Becks.

We also sprinkled a little jitter glitter in his bed to help him sleep before his big day!

This sign hangs in Beckett's room and I couldn't stop looking at it all day. Normally putting Beckett to bed is easy and I can't do it quick enough at the end of the day.  But this night was different and I kept thinking how I would be putting my baby to bed, and in the morning he would wake up a preschooler. Leaving his room that night was really hard and I wasn't sure how I would do the next day.

But he did go to bed and he did wake up a day older...and I survived.

The next morning, he was so excited to go to school!

 We dropped Becks off at school and he was the only one not crying. 
 All the other kids were hanging on to their moms and dads for dear life...screaming, sobbing, and hysterically hyperventilating as their parents tried to calm them down and peel themselves from the death grip they were in.

  Not Becks. He walked straight over to the Legos, started playing, and totally forgot about us even being there.  I don't know why I was surprised...Pres always did the same thing on her first day of school.  But I thought Becks would be different.  I thought he would be my crier for sure.

 I asked if he would miss us. 
His answer: No, you'll be back later.

I know I should be happy about that and proud at his amazing independence, but geeze, would it kill him to squeeze out just one little tear???
  Maybe even just a "Mommy and Daddy, please don't go" or "Please stay with me" would've been nice to hear.

But no, just like that Mr. Becks turned into Mr. Independent. And I got in my car and cried hard enough for the both of us.
 Of course he had a great first day!!!
Happy first day of school, sweet Beckett!!!

First Day of First Grade!

 I can't believe our sweet little Presley is a first grader!
She had a great first day of school and loves being a big first grade girl!!!





First Grade Rocks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Birthday Breakfast and a Surpise!

Our sweet little Presley turned 6 on Tuesday, August 18th! 
Here's the first picture of her as a 6 year old!!!

We started the morning the way we always do on a birthday at the Noel house...with a pancake birthday cake!

After breakfast it was time to open her present and get a big surprise.

We had originally planned to celebrate her birthday in Corpus and spend a couple days in Port A going to the beach instead of having a big birthday party in Austin.  But at the last minute, she changed her mind and wanted a birthday party with all her friends. 
Since we didn't get to take the summer vacation we had been planning, we thought it would be fun to surprise Pres and take her down to San Antonio over night.  The J.W. Marriott has a water park and the kids love it!!!

She had a new swimsuit, water shoes, and a note inside her gift.

 The kids were so excited when we got there and had a blast going down all the water slides!




We had so much fun celebrating our big girl's special day!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Flip Flops and Sunshine

For Presley's 6th birthday party this year, we had it at Riverbend Centre again.  She originally wanted to go down to Corpus and have a birthday vacation at the beach instead of a party.  But, at the last minute, decided she wanted to celebrate with all her friends.  So we threw together a super fun summer themed birthday party and she had a blast with 27 of her closest friends!

Of course, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but here are a few cute shots of the birthday girl on her fun day!



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Fun!

 We had such a fun summer!
I had to lead with this picture.
Pres got so used to Becks and I doing the shopping while she was at school, that she forgot what it was like to go to HEB.  She hated it!!!
 She finally realized that napping was the best way to get through it.  Now, whenever Presley goes grocery shopping with me, the first thing she asks is "Do we need to buy anything soft that I can use as a pillow?".

 But, other than napping at the grocery store, we did manage to work in a few other fun things!

Like bar-be-cuing while playing catch. 

 Maybe a selfie...or two


 And lots of grilled corn!


 We spent countless hours jumping on the trampoline.




And took walks down to the creek!
We even stopped along the way and picked up a friend to help us navigate the rocks across the creek.


 We saw some harmless snakes along the way.

 And some "not so harmless" snakes too!

Becks went to preschool camp!



 ...and loved preschool!!!!

We indulged in a little girl time.

And took many, many, many swim lessons!

 We ventured out after dinner several times for some ice cream


 We went to the ranch and fed cows...

 ...and rode a tractor!


 (or maybe we let the youngest one drive it???)

 We had a blast at our neighborhood 4th of July parade!



  We had a ridiculous amount of sleepovers.
 FYI...we call them sleepovers, but basically P&B just slept in the same bed all summer. They loved it because it meant giggling and playing for an extra hour each night.


  And, before the summer was over, Pres got a big girl hair cut!!!


 Summer 2015 was a blast!!!
Already starting the countdown until next summer!