Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Lunch Date is Cuter Than Yours!

Since Presley started kindergarten, it's just me and Becks at home.  Most days we eat lunch at home, but occasionally we'll venture out and have a lunch date.  It's hard to eat with all this cuteness.  I think I spend more time taking pictures of him than eating because he is just so darn cute!

Check out the pics below and then be jealous
 that this is not what you get see when you eat lunch!




School Pic 2014

Presley is loving kindergarten and totally rocked the school picture this year!

Happy Halloween!

 Wonder Woman and Super Man had an awesome Halloween this year.  We had so much fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood!


Fall Fest 2014

Our neighborhood had a fall fest this year complete with petting zoo, horse rides, dunking booth, and cookout.  The kids had so much fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just Because...

I have no reason for this post.  
No funny story. No special occasion. 
 I just really love this pic of Presley.  
Deep down, this is who she really is.
Even with her hair in little blonde pigtails, she's still one bad ass chick!  
(Yep, I said it!)

School Bus!

I swore up and down that Presley would never ride the bus!
I mean seriously, who just let the school put their kid on the bus and hopes they make it home okay???
I did everything I could to stop this from happening...but as it turns out, I'm no match for Presley.  

She has been begging me to let her ride the bus home since before school even started.  I told her kindergarteners were not allowed to ride the bus.  That only lasted the first day when she saw that half her class were bus riders. 
 I told her that buses were hot and stinky and really loud.  That didn't last long either because all her friends at school and on our street told her how much fun the bus was. 
After weeks of begging, I told her that if she behaved all week, maybe I would consider letting her ride the bus on Friday afternoon.  Well, she was an angel all week long so I had no other choice. She got her way...we let her ride the bus home.

 Blaine came home early from work and we all walked down to the bus stop to wait for her. 

I had visions of Presley running off the bus crying.  As I scooped her up she would say "Mommy, you were so right. I should've listened to you. The bus is horrible. Please let me be a car rider again."

 Finally, we heard the loud rumble of the bus coming down the street.
As it pulled up, I was ready for whatever may come next. My feet were planted in a stance that would allow me to take off and run to her if she looks upset.

The bus stopped and the doors opened...

 I could see her orange shirt, but her face was still down.  
Was she crying? Was she scared?  I couldn't tell yet.

She finally made it down the steps of the bus.
 I was ready.  
The moment of truth of here.
And then I saw this...

 The biggest darn smile I have ever seen on this child.
There were no tears, no sobs, no "You were right, Mommy!".
Just pure joy!
First words out of her mouth were "I love the bus!!!!!"

 In fact, she loves it so much that she rides it to school now too! 
I tried fighting that one too, but at some point, when you know you're just gotta end the fight.
My sweet girl is growing up so fast and although I wish I could keep her a baby forever, I'm so proud of her independence. 
Way to go, Pres!!!

Wildlife Ranch

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take advantage of living so far south and make the trip to the Wildlife Ranch just north of San Antonio.  It's like going to the zoo, but you get to stay in your car and feed the animals.  The kids were so excited!!

 For the first 5 or 10 minutes, all we saw were deer.  The kids weren't super impressed with them.  6 months ago they would've thought that was so cool, but we see deer every night in our backyard, so the novelty has kind of warn off.

 So we continued driving and waited to see some more animals.

 Then we spotted an ostrich!
Cool, right???, super scary.  
This giant bird stuck his head in our car and stole the whole bag of animal food Blaine was holding.  I thought Beckett was going to have a heart attack.  It was pretty scary, so we rolled our windows up until we drove past this mean old bird!

 We saw zebras, llamas, camels, and lots of cool wild animals.  Aside from the ostrich, the kids loved it.

 After our seeing all the animals, we went inside for a potty break and grabbed a Slurpee!

 I would give anything if this picture had turned out clear.  This look just about sums up what Beckett is thinking most of the time!


 Next stop...feeding the goats!


 Lastly, we stopped for a little lunch in Wimberley before heading back home.